About Werner van Blerk

Werner van Blerk, founder & creative director of W Design Studio, is an architect & interior design consultant to commercial and residential clients.

Inspired by the timeless qualities found in fine architecture & good interior design, his style can be described as ‘Euro-African Fusion’, with an appreciation for classical balance, as well as the sleek, linear discipline of contemporary design.

Werner understands the delicate dynamic between Architecture & Interior Design. He uses concept plans to convey the optimal arrangement of architectural volume, while furniture layout schemes provide aesthetic and practical design solutions for interior décor projects. Working closely with specialists in their respected fields, every option is evaluated before bringing concepts to life.

Werner approaches new projects in a visually stimulating way: Photographs, work drawings & fabric swatches introduce the client to the diverse styles, colours and textures of the architectural & interior palette. Every brief is carefully considered before a presentation is given.

Werner aims to create unique and personal spaces that reflect the personality and individual requirements of its inhabitants. He endeavours to custom design furniture and architectural detail as far as possible, using the best quality fabrics and finishes throughout. He believes that perfection is only achieved over time, through an honest and unhurried exploration of form and function, while drawing inspiration from quality and attention to detail.

Werner has been featured in local and international publications. His customer profile includes domestic and international clients, and he works in all the major cities in South Africa and abroad.

His service includes:

• Architectural Design of New Projects

• Alterations of Existing Structures

• Procurement of Building Materials and Facilitating of International Logistics

• Interior Design & Décor